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Canyon All Navy

Canyon Foggy Sand

Canyon Majolica Blue

Canyon Sage Green

Canyon Core Black

Monsoon Choco Red

Monsoon All Black

Monsoon Opal Blue

Monsoon Chive Green

Peak.0W Majolica Aqua

Monsoon Core Black

Peak.0W Majolica Semola

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"Absolutely love these! Look good with jeans down the pub -or walking the beach or climbing up cliffs- so comfy, never sweaty!"

Mike Healey

United Kingdom

"Brilliant shoes. Extremely comfy, lightweight, great gip -perfect for any backpacking adventure holiday with limited luggage space."

Robert Hamilton

United States

"Super comfy and ultra light, very happy with them. They came super nicely packaged. Will get my next shoes from Tropicfeel for sure."

Joan De Arcayne


"Delighted with these cool shoes! Can't wait to bring them into the water. Perfect customer service and support too! Already recommended it to lots of people! Thank you!"

Stephanie Caux



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Every year, 85% of textiles produced end up in landfills. Clothing. Shoes. Gear. Wasted, without a second thought. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our ZWF collection aims to tackle this issue head on, by giving previously tested, returned, lost or discontinued items a new lease of life, through refurbishment. Items are inspected, sanitized and tuned up for your next adventure, rather than thrown in the trash.

What does "Certified refurbished sneakers" mean?

Product returned

Inspected, cleaned & refurbished

Size checked

Repackaged & labeled as refurbished

Sold with a 40% discount

Zero Waste Friday

A conscious alternative to Black Friday and fast fashion waste

Why Black Friday?

We decided to use Black Friday’s worldwide impact to spread a different kind of message. It’s not just about standing against it, but taking action and doing something good and innovative in a sustainable way.

We’re contributing to creating a better ecosystem by avoiding overstocking and walking towards an upcycling philosophy. We’re optimizing manufacturing processes to generate the minimum waste. We’re giving our leftover materials a new life by empowering our creativity and making a unique product through upcycling.

Our vision

Only 1,745 pairs available during Zero Waste Friday

Exclusive access - 40% off